A radio station in the Twin Cities, namely Minneapolis and St. Paul. They are KCTZ, 97.1 FM, on a whopping 100,000 watt signal which reaches well into Wisconsin. They went on the air in April 1994. Their corporate owner is Clear Channel Communications, which controls a lot of radio stations in the region, along with Hubbard Broadcasting and Disney.

The station demographic is aimed squarely at 20-30 year old males, mostly. They play a lot of John Mellencamp, R.E.M., Sheryl Crow, U2, Semisonic, Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band, Train, Tom Petty, and Sting.

Their slogans which they repeat 18 times an hour include "Because your music tastes haven't stopped growing," "Great mix, true variety," and "Plays a quality mix of music from then and now."

In sum, it is a very typical big city radio station except in a few respects. They play "Cities Underground" during late night, when all the ordinary playlists are thrown out the window and it's completely interesting requests. Also they feature "Minnesota Music," which gets occasional airtime for bands like The Jayhawks and The Dweebs.

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