A film that some people are saying is probably the most appropriate film to show at a festival was Cinemania. It is about a group of hard-core cinephiles whose lives are based around going to the movies to the detrainment of everything else.

What makes this film so good is the characters involved and that they are left to tell their own story as there is no narration or interviewer in the film. This works on the principle that if you leave a camera on a person for long enough they will eventually tell you much more than if you were questioning them.

There are some strange characters covered in the documentary, but my favourite would have to be Harvey who giggles like a little kid when he is able to see more than one movie on the same ticket. He also knows the running time of every film he has seen and likes all the Muppet movies. There was also one bloke who reminded me of Peter Jackson for some reason.

Some of the people that the documentary follows seem to be very aware that their film going lifestyle stops them from doing other things, but a couple of them seem to be so wrapped up in it so as not to notice.

I liked the scene when they showed the finished documentary to the people in it and they were complaining about it, also it is worth staying to see the end credits as they have some interesting comments in them from the participants.

A highly recommended festvial film and for people who are really into cinema if only to see if you recognise any of the behaviour of the doco's particpants in yourself.

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