Ambient/Electronic/New Agey musician formerly of Tangerine Dream. He performed on their studio and soundtrack albums from 1971 to 1992, branching out into a solo career in 1991 with Pacific Coast Highway. He also started his own label, Sonic Images, at

He is currently best known for his work on Babylon 5, assisted by the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra. Franke replaced The Police's Stewart Copeland, who did a more mechanical, cold-sounding score for the pilot, beginning with the first episode of the series. (Franke later re-scored the reedited version of the pilot aired on TNT.) He was responsible for the music for every Babylon 5 project except A Call to Arms, the movie that launched Crusade. (Evan Chen picked up the baton for ACtA and Crusade; Sonic Images carries Chen's soundtrack.)

To my horror, I also learned that he is also responsible for the 18 Wheels of Justice soundtrack. Words fail me.

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