Chris Wilson is perhaps Australia's most prominent harmonica player. He has long been a stalwart of the Melbourne music scene, having worked with artists such as Paul Kelly, Hunters & Collectors and Crowded House.

Wilson has been involved in bands such as Crown of Thorns, the Chris Bailey Combo and The Drawcards (featuring Vika and Linda, Deborah Conway, Stephen Cummings and Tim Finn) among others. Chris formed his own band in 1992 playing harmonica and singing with his incredibly soulful and sweet voice. Joining him were Peter Luscombe on drums and Shane O'Mara on guitar.

After a couple of critically acclaimed albums, Chris collaberated with Diesel resulting in the album Short Cool Ones. This was the album that finally got him known outside of Melbourne and established his reputation as much more than a session player.

In 2000 Wilon released a new album with The Spidermen, which again was well received by critics, but did not attract much mainstream media attention (or radioairplay.) This album was followed up with King For A Day in 2002.

Wilson regularly plays pubs and clubs around Melbourne and plays in Sydney every six months or so. If you get the chance to see him, don't miss it!

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