While his albums range from stripped down rootsy bluesgrass to hard heroin rock to somewhat funky pop-oriented experimentation, the man is ever a wonder to see in concert. Three of the five times I've seen him live, he's been on stage alone with his guitar and a foot stomp, whittling away thru my astral body in no time flat as if he doesn't need keys, just a steel guitar and a couple shots of jack.


Living with the Law (Sony, 1991)

Din of Ecstacy (Sony/Work, 1995)

Terra Incognita (Sony/Work, 1997)

Dirt Floor (Messenger/Classic, 1998) (this album is a gift to humanity from the gods)

Live at Martyr's (Messenger, 1999)

Perfect Day (Valley, 2000) (hear Chris do The Doors, Dylan, Hendrix and Lou Reed-- great to make-out to!)

Rocket House (ATO, 2001)

If ever you get wind of him playing in your town, spend the 13.50 and bring a date (for an extra 13.50, of course).

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