Legendary game designer who did games such as Hardball 2, 4D Sports Boxing and Triple Play Baseball.
Later went on to design the critically acclaimed RTS Total Annihilation, released under Ron Gilberts Cavedog/Humongous label.
After leaving Cavedog he founded Gas Powered Games and is currently working on a new RPG called Dungeon Siege.

Another game designer by the same name started his career in 1991 with Bard's Tale Construction Kit by Interplay Productions. He went on to take part on the development of Stonekeep, Fallout and Fallout 2 (Lead Designer), Star Trek: Starfleet Command, and Fallout Tactics (as the only person from the original Fallout team who had any involvement with FOT whatsoever). After that, he got laid off (as everyone else in the 14 Degrees East division), and moved on to possibly greener pastures - namely, Vivendi Universal, where he is now an Associate Producer of Middle Earth Online.

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