This metanode lists a number of Chinese idioms and literary allusions found on E2.

China has an immensely long and continuous literary history. While the same is true of Europe and the Mediterranean, of India, and of the Middle East, the continuity of Chinese literature is made smoother by the fact that a single script has been used ever since the writing of the Zuo zhuan, one of China's first great literary works (dealing with events beginning in the 8th century B.C.E.). The written language of antiquity is not automatically readable by people who know only Mandarin; it requires special and continuous study. But many expressions from the literary language have made their way into Mandarin, and continue to be used by educated people. Often it is impossible to understand these expressions from their literal meaings - it is necessary to have knowledge of the lore out of which they come.

a foot of jade is worth an inch of time
Brother Square-Hole
chicken ribs
cock's crow and dog's theft
cover a soy-sauce pot
fisherman gains the advantage
hold the carabao's ear
inscribe phoenix
push or knock
seal an agreement by drinking blood - discussed under hold the carabao's ear
Stratagem of the Empty City
wearing a green turban

I would be grateful to be notified of others you find on E2, and I will hard link them here.

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