Series of SF books written by Gordon R. Dickson about the first era of space exploration and colonization, also called the Dorsai cycle. Humans, having settled onto 15 new worlds, have splintered into three specialized groups: the Dorsai, whose culture is based on the military and warfare; the Friendlies, based on religion and faith; and the Exotics, based on psychology and sociology.

Many of the novels focus on the Dorsai, but the series as a whole looks at the expansion of the human race and its later contraction - why the three races must eventually return (Note: the instrument used to reunify humanity is the Final Encyclopedia, a collection of all of man's knowledge). A continuing theme throughout the series is the means by which a single person can change humanity.

Dickson had several more books planned for the Childe Cycle before his death in 2001, including the finale, Childe, and a novel about the historical figure Sir John Hawkwood. Dickson believed that Hawkwood, who lived in the 14th century, was perhaps the first person to successfully change all of humanity.

In order of publication:
Dorsai! (1959)
Necromancer (1960)
Warrior (1965)
Soldier, Ask Not (1968)
Tactics of Mistake (1971)
Brothers (1973)
Amanda Morgan (1979)
The Spirit of Dorsai (1979) {containing "Brothers" and "Amanda Morgan"}
Lost Dorsai (1980) {containing "Lost Dorsai" and "Warrior"}
The Final Encyclopedia (1984)
The Chantry Guild (1988)
Young Bleys (1991)
Other (1994)

In order of occurence:
Necromancer             2093-2094
Tactics of Mistake      2184
Amanda Morgan           2185
Warrior                 2269
Soldier, Ask Not        2270-2289
Lost Dorsai             2273
Dorsai!                 2276-2289
Brothers                2280
Young Bleys             2344?-2364
Other                   2359-2363?
The Final Encyclopedia  2359-2366
Chantry Guild           2366-2373?

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