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Please note that this review is laden with spoilers.

The murderous doll rampage continues!

Body count: In a never-before see feat, Chucky kills only men throughout the movie! In all of the Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers movies I've watched, this has not happened before. Edit: It would help if I put the body count in. 6 men!

Chucky's Injury Tally: The essence of Chucky is melted down and re-cast as a new doll... I think this would hurt, but I'm not sure, so I leave it up to you. As a new doll, however, he is hit in the head with a thrown shoe (I know, the pain), stabbed in the chest, shot with a paintball (ooooh), and most dramatically, had his entire face shaved off by a gigantic scythe. His arm was then shot off, and he was shot in the chest. His hand was then cut off and he was cast into a giant whirling fan, where he proceeded to be chopped into tiny bits and exploded at the same time. Yes, exploded. No, I don't know why.

Plot Outline: This movie takes place about 10 to 13 years after Child's Play 2 and continues the tribulations of Andy, the lead role. Andy is now a trouble-making youth that has been in and out of foster homes, and has finally been put into Military School. Meanwhile, back at the doll factory, the big CEOs make a corporate decision to re-start production of the Chucky doll. Chucky's remains happened to still be scattered over the floor of the factory, and his parts were dumped into the big vat that pours new doll plastic into molds.

Chucky is reborn.

Given a new lease on life, he ships himself off to the Military School to track down Andy when he realizes that he no longer needs Andy - he'll just use his Vodoo Magic on some other hapless kid. Andy then saves the day by throwing chucky into the whirling blades of death.

My Opinion: This movie was so slow for the first half that I thought I was watching some comedy about military school. I literally completely forgot about Chucky. Other than this somewhat major drawback, however, I did enjoy the whole movie - the action was there, the suspense was there, and the plot actually made sense. All of this topped off with Chucky's one-liners and we have an above-average movie.

Rent this one if you're a fan of the series. You might want to see Child's Play 2 first, however.

Interesting Notes:
  • Chucky laughs a lot. So much, in fact, that while he bellows out those evil chuckles, people tend to sneak away behind his back. Stop laughing, Chucky, and get back to killing!
  • In an amusement park ride, the giant grim-reaper scythe is a real giant blade. Danger! Danger!
  • This movie was actually filmed at Kent Military School - it's not just a set!
  • A direct lift from IMDB: There was controversy surrounding Child's Play 3 in the UK, when the press suggested that this film had inspired two 11-year-old schoolboys to kidnap and murder a three-year-old child named James Bulger. Although the film was never actually banned in the UK, a lot of video stores refused to supply it any longer and Sky canceled a planned television screening of it. There are quite a few writeups on the subject under the name of James Bulger, and it adds a macabre tint to your day.
Fun Quotes!
  • "What are children but junior consumers?" - Big CEO Guy
  • "Don't fuck with the Chuck!" - Chucky
  • "Nothing like a strangulation to get the circulation going!" - Chucky
  • "Presto, you're dead." - Chucky
Lead roles: Directed by: Jack Bender

Writing credits: Don Mancini (I)

Filmed In: Boonville, Missouri

Tagline: Look who's stalking!
Sources: The oh-so-wonderful IMDB, my head, and the box.

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