This is a tasty recipe that can be made in a single 12-inch cast iron skillet and a small bowl. Cleanup is pretty easy. 

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and move a rack to the lowest slot.
  2. Trim the Brussels sprouts and chop into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Slice the lemon into thin discs and de-seed.
  4. Mince the garlic.
  5. Chop the onion into small chunks.
  6. Chop the Italian sausages into one-inch chunks.
  7. In the cast iron skillet, add the Brussels sprouts, onion, and lemon with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  8. Season with salt and pepper to taste and coat everything with the oil.
  9. In a small bowl, mix the garlic, mustard, honey, Worcestershire sauce, rosemary, and remaining 1 tablespoon olive oil. 
  10. Season with salt and pepper to taste and stir with a fork to form a paste.
  11. Coat the chicken with the paste and add to the skillet.
  12. Add the sausage to the skillet, but try to have it on top of the vegetables.
  13. Place in oven until Brussels sprouts are tender, around 30 minutes.
  14. Serve by placing the skillet on a trinket.

Iron Noder 2017

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