The chickcharney is a mythical beast indigenous to Andros Island in the Bahamas. They are forest-dwelling creatures that build nests by tying two treetops together. They hang from the trees using their long tails, a have three-fingered hands and feet to help them climb. Despite their monkey-like qualities, they are said to be feathered (although they may also have some fur, depending on who you ask). They prefer the tallest trees, so you may very well see only their red eyes staring at you from the treetops.

Despite the somewhat vague accounts, cryptozoologists generally believe that this beast is a large owl-like creature, based in large part on the fact that Andros Island was once the home of a large burrowing species of barn owl (Tyto pollens). While they are now extinct, these owls grew to be up to a meter in height, and were, just like the chickcharney, flightless. These owls died out due to habitat loss in the 1500s, but reports of the chickcharney has continued on into the modern day.

If you run across a chickcharney, it is wise to leave a small gift. Traditionally, travellers have carried flowers and small bits of bright cloth for this purpose. If the chickcharney appreciates the gifts you leave, you will have good luck. If you disrespect one you will have bad luck... traditionally, the bad luck will take the form of the beast turning your head around so that it faces backwards, but there have been reports of more generalized back luck in recent centuries.

The chickcharney has become surprisingly well-known in recent years, making appearances in Gunnerkrigg Court, Final Fantasy XI, and a good smattering of digital art. The modern chickcharney is becoming more and more avian, with beaks and owl-like faces (although the FF chickcharney has a pelican-like beak and reptilian body). They are also becoming more anthropomorphic and cute, and frequently speak English.

Chickcharney may also be spelled 'Chickcharnie' or 'Chickcharnee'.

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