A martial art, possibly originating in Hong Kong action films, which centers around the use of projectile weapons. Its name is derived from the characteristic sound made when a round is chambered in a pistol, which is subsequently fired: the chi-ching as the slide is pulled back, then released, and the loud crack or "pow" of the tiny explosion which propels the bullet forward. (This noise is sometimes emphasized by a sonic boom if the bullet exceeds the speed of sound).

Chi'ching-Pao was developed around the same time as the semiautomatic handgun, and -- providing it is used correctly -- can be very deadly. Unlike other martial arts, its tenents do not include self-discipline or restraint. Instead, it emphasises self-important posturing, waving of the hands holding the gun, and, eventually, violence. Chi'ching-Pao has long been romanticised by popular media, though some critics are attempting to stem its spread.

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