The Chevrolet Laguna S-3 was a car that was made for three years in 1974-1976, totalling only around 20,000 of the cars ever released. It was also made for NASCAR racing, and was deemed the car to beat at the time. The vehicle was a unique mix of several of Chevrolet's cars, which included the Malibu, which the body was based off of, the Chevelle, which was what the frame was, the Monte Carlo, from which the car borrowed it's dash and suspension, and the addition of the S-3 front end, which was reminiscent of the Camaros of the time, having a slanted and angled in the middle front end. It usually came with Chevrolet's Small Block 350, or Big Block 454. Various other extras included dual sport mirrors, variable-ratio power steering, a power sky roof, rear side window louvers, a landau top, and swivel bucket seats. It is definitely one of Chevrolet's cars with character, regardless of less than desirable reviews from Road & Track and other car magazines.

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