Sure wish I knew his last name. Chester is a guy I met in Fayetteville, AR. Everybody knows Chester. Chester was in the Razorback Marching Band. He played trombone. He always wore black, and normally wore a long black trenchcoat, even in 102 degree, 98% humidity Arkansas weather. He drives a hearse and sleeps in a coffin. He smokes clove cigarettes. I believe he is nocturnal, and a little more than slightly goth. He has long black hair that at times is highlighted. He reminds me of a young Steve Tyler.

Be aware that there is some dispute as to whether the aforementioned individual actually sleeps in a coffin. That's merely a rumor. He definitely drives a hearse, however. He was employed by Domino's as a delivery driver for a short period of time. It's quite amusing to see a hearse cruising around town with a Domino's sign on top.

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