• Passport Potty
  • Luggable Loo
  • The Throne

All of the above are chemical toilets of the "accumulating reservior type" and are sold to the public for the purpose of "personal waste management".

A portable chemical toilet allows you to take your toilet with you and, if you also have a handy URinBiz privacy screen, relieve yourself in comfort and privacy wherever you go. In fact, the URinBiz website proclaims, "Great for tailgate parties and photo-shoots!!"

URinBiz sells the "Throne" model mentioned in the list above which seemed to be the simplest design. It is just a bucket and a snap-on toilet seat. If you want to provide your own bucket, you can purchase the "Throne" seat separately.

In addition to the amusing personal porta-potties above, there are also the familiar "Sani-Pottie" units which are commonly seen at concerts and sporting events. You can have one of your own for only $650.00 (unassembled) and you can choose from 5 designer colors. In my searching I also found something called the "Kegworth" chemical toilet that boasted a 25 liter holding capacity. Lots and lots of pee-pee there.

The difference between a chemical toilet and a bucket full of poop is, obviously, the chemicals. Many of the websites I visited assured me that these chemicals were NOT FLAMMABLE. (Yay!) The chemicals available seem to be of two types: One set that turns everything to liquid and one that turns everything solid. Both claim to deoderize the waste products you have collected and most also dyed the end product a different color...The most popular seems to be blue. The actual make-up of these chemicals seems to be some type of proprietary information as I did not find any ingredient listings anywhere.

Sources: URinBiz.com, SouthSummit.com, and Sani-Pottie.com

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