Used in longwall mining as well as other underground mining techniques, check curtains are made of brattice cloth, plastic or canvas and hung across passageways to control the passage of air current -- they are used to deflect intake air into the working areas of the mine -- these curtains also serve to separate active outby areas from the inactive inby areas. They automatically close after someone or something passses through . For safety reasons see-through curtains should be used whenever possible to avoid possible injury or death. A check curtain that is down is a serious hazard and miners are instructed to immediately inform the forman upon discovering one in this state.

The following styles have been designed:
  • one-piece curtain that is attached at the top and lose at its sides and bottom
  • one-piece curtain with a vertical slit down the cetner attached at the top and sides
  • curtain with three overlapping flaps of material

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