Eric "Dark Byte" Heijnen created cheat engine as a debugger/hex editor/free memory scanner for Windows. The newest version, Cheat Engine 5.5, can be used as a program to hack PC games to raise you score, health, mana, currency, ect. Earlier versions didn't work quite as well as the newer version, and some flash games that you weren't able to hack in Cheat Engine 4 are now hackable with Cheat Engine 5.5. So far users are uncertain whether you can hack Runescape or not. But flash games on the internet can be hacked, and also games like gem-craft or tanks game are hackable. There are thousands of games that are possible to hack including Halo for the PC. But the reputation of Cheat Engine is as a program for hacking games and not a debugging program. But it's a useful program for players and it is free.

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