The best and most comprehensive ball juggling book ever written. There have been many books written about ball juggling: This book is better than all of them, perhaps better than all of them put together. It has thousands of entries (in alphabetical order, of course), charming illustrations, and clear, concise prose. It can be considered a sort of pre-web authoritative source for juggling information. All of the tricks are in there: Mills Mess, Burke's Barrage, Rubenstein's Revenge, and inasmuch as any of those tricks can be explained on a flat page, Charley Dancey does an incredible job of doing so.

If you know a juggler with a present-giving event coming up, I highly recommend this book if they do not already have a copy. Everybody can learn something from it. Not even its author can do all of the tricks contained inside. If they already have it, then I suggest checking out Charlie Dancey's Compendium of Club Juggling!

Charlie Dancey's Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling
Charley Dancey

* - No, it's not a typo. That's actually how Charley Dancey spelled encyclopedia.

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