Republicca presente... totalla bien cantesta... C-h-a-n-e-l N-i-n-e!

One of the most amusing series of sketches from The Fast Show. Based on the baffling experience of watching a TV news broadcast in a foreign country where the majority of the dialogue is impenetrable gibberish, but odd words seem to sound familiar, Chanel Nine takes this to the extreme, and catchphrases abound, including:

Chris Waddle
Fallia-hellah, fallia-helleh, fallia-helleh
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Full-a Meaty Goodness
Bono Estente
and for some bizarre reason, the names of European cars.....

Every show has the news read by Poutremos Pouta-Poutremos and sport read by Antonios Gubba, and is followed by the weathergirl, Poula Fisch where the outlook rarely changes from being Scorchio!. All of this is interspersed with adverts for products made by 'Gizmo' including the Orgazma-Gizmo, Baby-Gizmo, and even Gizmo-Gizmo, and Futha-Mukka furniture polish.

The sketch does stray from dealing purely with the news and some of the best episodes are the the Chanel Nine Christmas Special, featuring the 'Holy Sprog' - a twisted version of the Nativity, and the Big Show featuring Mikki Disko, a medallion wearing, hairy chested Latin Lothario singing his acclaimed hit 'Disko-hot'

Downright surreal if you ask me.........

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