in my studio
before me, you'll see
a collage on my desk -
images for reference,
of memories, thoughts and hopes, and fears,
my collection is almost complete.
And it's on display for you to see.

come on, come see,
When I told you about my new project
You said you'd like to see my progress it is.

I'll make it out of clay, you see
I'm fond of ceramic objects, as you know.
I'll make it so you can pour
your warmth down to fill it up
like a teapot.
Oh and I've knitted a heart warmer too,
just so it can last that much longer.

I’ll take it out of my damp cupboard
And when it’s ready,
and only then I will feed it to your fire
but not yet darlin', you've got to understand.
it will go in tender and come out fragile.
it isn't further to go
all I need now, are more pieces of you
to add to my collage.

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