Centropy is a pirated movie bootlegging/encoding/distribution group. They specialize in current films, and commonly distribute their files through IRC and other mediums. Most often, their films are distributed in VCD or SVCD format which, when burned properly, are watchable on many modern DVD Players. Often however, their films are re-encoded into smaller formats, such as DivX or Xvid. A regular re-encoder of Centropy's work, as well as that of other movie piracy groups is DaDuck. Recent Centropy releases as of 08/20/03 are: Legally Blonde 2, T3 and Pirates of the Carribean. Generally speaking, Centropy will have their own copy of virtually every major movie release, often mere days after release, if not beforehand. Relying primarily on the TeleSync method of bootlegging (see movie piracy for more information), Centropy consistently produces high quality works that easily rank with other elite groups, such as TCF and FLAiR.

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