This is a real problem: Why can't people accept that the °C scale is called CELSIUS??? (Really, if anyone can tell me, please do.) It is, after all, named after its inventor, Anders Celsius (1701-1744), a Swedish astronomer.

The use of the word Centigrade is totally wrong. The term Centigrade was meant to be an adjective for the Celsius scale but actually refers to any scale which measures in degrees from 0 to 100. Look it up in a dictionary if you don't believe me. A Centigrade scale of temperature implies 0 as absolute zero and 100 as the highest temperature achievable in the universe, probably something like the core of an exploding supernova.

It has been called Celsius since 1948, and the term Centigrade as a description of the scale was officially declared incorrect in 1960. This decision was made by the International Bureau Of Weights And Measures. They are a real organisation. They exist. Check 'em out.

Why is such a simple thing so hard for people to accept? Do your schools teach this? (Apparently some schools in the US actually did through the 60's and 70's. If you attended one of these schools, you were lied to and have my sympathy, rather than scorn.) Do you have some deep-seated attachment to the term centigrade that I don't know about? Would it kill, torture or maim you to learn and use a new (and I use the word 'new' very loosely here) terminology? Or are you simply so arrogant, stubborn and unreconcilably fucking stupid that you cannot admit when you are wrong, incorrect, have made a boo-boo or completely fucked up?

I firmly believe that people are capable of intelligence and learning. So please, prove me right, and call it Celsius. Because that is what it is called. A friendly Everythingian kindly informed me that words are nominal, i.e. they name things. That's why words are called 'nominal'. And this scale is named 'Celsius'. That's why it should be called Celsius. Period.

If you do have any real argument to the contrary, please take it to the International Bureau Of Weights And Measures. If you can convince them, I will happily take your point on board. Otherwise I will simply question your intelligence, and possibly insult you.


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