The Star Name Company- offering a customized gift for any occasion: name a star after someone you love.
US $34.95 to $US 79.95, depending on how fancy you want your certificate framed.
Celestial Registry assigns a name to an actual Star in the Universe. You receive a Star Chart with the specific Star highlighted, approximate coordinates, along with a certificate on parchment paper, which features an individually hand-pressed raised gold seal with both the Registration and Certifying Officers hand-affixed signatures in ink. Also comes with a handy disclaimer:
This product is a novelty item. Celestial Registry is a service mark. The Celestial Registry has no affiliation with any scientific or government body, star name company, or any other entity in the field of astronomy. As such, other persons or entities may not be aware and not honor or recognize the designations of the Star made by the Celestial Registry. Celestial Registry guarantees it will not duplicate the assigned Star and that registration will occur within the Celestial Registry. Celestial Registry has no control over assignments made by other companies or by any scientific, governmental, or other body.
I guess they're referring to The International Star Registry, which offers no such disclaimer (nor does it guarantee recognition by any astronomical organization), boasts many stars named after celebrities, and publishes their list of names annually and puts them in the Library of Congress and the British Library. Caveat emptor.

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