A word used by Hunter S. Thompson. The only definition I've ever found is in his book Fear and Loathing in America, the second volume of his letters (Bloomsbury, 2000). As Hunter explains in a letter to John Holdorf, to say Cazart is synonymous with Holy shit is not enough.

Cazart goes beyond Greider's surface definition of mere shock & surprise; it also implies an almost doom-rooted acceptance of whatever grim situation has suddenly emerged. ...

If Bill had a better grip on semantics, he would have told you it meant: Holy shit! I might have known! ...

In contemporary terms, we might compare it to the first verbal outburst of a long-time cocaine runner who knew he was about to be nailed, eventually, but when it finally happens he instinctively shouts Cazart!

HST claims that his friend Jim Silberman is going to get the word added to the next Random House dictionary, but I don't know if that ever happened. I don't know if HST invented the word, it may have its origins in Brazilian Portuguese. It is one of my favourite words.


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