30 miles off the coast of Belize, and located on the worlds second longest barrier reef, Cay Caulker is reputed for being a very laid back place.

With a population of just 1100, it is unlike Abergris Cay to the north which is thoroughly on the tourist map (with all the terrible implication that brings). Although Cay Caulker's primary industry is also tourism, it is exclusivly of the backpacker variety rather than multinational five start resort kind.

The scuba diving here is world class if your interested, and it is possible to get to legendary blue hole, a collapsed and submurged cavern, where Jacques Cousteau's son died.

If anyone is going to Cay Caulker, and your the kind of person who doesn't mind mixing with another culture, and your not looking for a 5 star hotel on a manicured beach then I can heartily recomend it. But then again if you're that kind of person you'll only manage 5 days here before you'll want to throw your rucksack on your back and head to some of the great places in Central America.

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