Run time: 87 minutes
Directed by: Lawrence Guterman
Genre: comedy
Release: 2001

Cats & Dogs is a cute comedy film targeted at families with young children. This movie is about a plot unknown to humans where cats and dogs plot for world domination. As mentioned in either a review or in one of the trailers, "The fur is gonna fly."

Featuring Jeff Goldblum as Professor Brody and Elizabeth Perkins as Mrs. Brody, they and their son, Scotty (Alexander Pollock) live in typical middle-class America. Professor Brody is working on a vaccine which would make humans immune to allergic reactions caused by being near dogs. The dogs and cats are aware of this research and this is where the "hairy" antics begin.

The dogs are led by Chief Agent Butch (voice of Alec Baldwin). Butch is given the task of coordinating a defense mission to protect Professor Brody. Assigned to guard the Brody residence is a young cadet beagle, named Lou (voice of Tobey Maguire). Butch and Lou are given canine assistance by Ivy (voice Susan Sarandon), Peek (voice of Joe Pantoliano), and Sam (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan).

In an attempt to take over the world, the cats do several mischevious things to attempt to get the dogs to bow down and prevent Professor Brody from completing his vaccine. The cats are lead by the fearless and twisted Mr. Tinkles (voice of Sean Hayes). Mr. Tinkles does have a calico partner in crime (voice of Jon Lovitz), but apparently is more obsessed with himself about being the evil cat dictator.

What's unique about Cats & Dogs is that it combines live action with animals with computer animation, puppetry, and animatronics to create the stunts the cats and dogs perform during the film. Not to mention that you have to sympathise with either the cats or the dogs for their efforts for world domination.

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