There's a lot of talk about "emotion" and "self-esteem" and "better living through chemistry." Well, I don't really care. People far too often confuse themself with their minds.

Are you the light reflected from the wall onto your eyes? Are you the voice coming from your friends mouth? If you're neither of those things, then how can you believe that you're the images projected inside your head, or the voice of your mind? You are the thing that manipulates the mind, it is your tool to decide when and how to cathart

Thought is simply this: It is the clothing that you, through belief, put upon events. They are all the echoes of events. Controlling thought, and how you feel, is surprisingly simple. The events have occured, that's just how it is, but you absolutely have a choice as to how you see the event, how you clothe it. The event does not care how you see it, it has already become impressed upon the universe as history...but you can alter how it is impressed upon your mind.

We are not automata, we are not products of chemical reactions within the brain, we are not bound to our pasts. This is the reason we are set aside from the animals. We can decide how an event will effect us, we can decide the usefulness or general futility of affecting change. We are not the dog who is beaten in youth, and remains forever a beaten dog...We are the dark titan who, when destroyed, returns from the bloody foam as beauty made manifest.

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