Author of Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up, and Talk Hot (Down There Press: San Francisco, 1995). Queen is also a maker of sexually explicit films that are notable for not partaking in the conventions and absurdities of many mainstream porno flicks, including the ever-popular, soon-to-be-a-classic, and witty as can be educational film, Bend Over Boyfriend.

Queen is also a good candidate, judging from her fiction, for various titles, such as: "women of whom men have trouble accepting (or understanding) their existence," and "women who scare the pants off some insecure men." But only in a very good way.

Others who pop to mind when prompted to think and write about Carol Queen would be: Annie Sprinkle, Susie Bright, Pat Califia, Marjorie Garber and Louise Kaplan, just to name those who come to one noder's mind.

Qualifications: According to notes in Exhibitionism for the Shy, Queen is an Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, and a doctoral candidate at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

Many thanks to: Segnbora-t for catching my original mistake on the book title.

A partial Carol Queen bibliography.

Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up, and Talk Hot (Down There Press, 1995)
Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture (Cleis Press, 1997)

Many of her essays and short stories can be found in collections such as:

the Herotica series
Best American Erotica
The Erotic Impulse
Women of the Light

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