When I first started working here almost two years ago you were the first person to make me feel comfortable- like I was a part of something. I now attribute this initial lack of warmth on the part of our co-workers to the fact that many people have passed through only briefly. Putting off any sort of attachment makes the end easier. But I digress.

Do you remember that day? Everyone else had gone outside to eat their lunch in the early morning sunlight. Feeling left out, I stayed behind. Maybe you remained to keep me company- I don’t know. I remember our initial encounter being very awkward at first. We sat on opposite tables, looking at each other but not wanting to acknowledge the fact that we were doing so. After an interminable period of time you bounced over and offered me sunflower seeds. It only took a little longer to overcome the language barrier. Even now you constantly put down your English, but I’ve never had trouble communicating or understanding.

Since then I’ve learned all about your selfish family that doesn’t appreciate all you do nearly enough. I don’t know if you see things that way, but it must be rather easy to take advantage of someone like yourself- the generosity and willingness to help that you continuously display make this all too possible. However, these same wonderful traits are what allow you to keep working to support your ailing husband- so far away in the lonely Philippines and to keep working at friendships with wishy washy humans. All that I have been allowed to see lead me to declare that you are the epitome of one who is maganda. Thank you.

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