One of the major ITV companies in Great Britain.

Carlton started out as a printing business in the 1970s, and grew quite some way until the late 1980s, when Carlton absorbed a television company and became Carlton Television (latterly Carlton Communications). It wasn't until 1991 or so when the company ran for an ITV license.

The well loved Thames Television was the incumbent, and they hoped to win on the special circumstances clause that the Independent Television Commission had set out for such situations. However, Thames failed because their proposal so mirrored Carlton's. Carlton would be taking control on 00:00, 1st January 1993.

By 1994, Carlton had swallowed Central Independent Television and by 1998 Westcountry and HTV. Carlton therefore owns a swathe of ITV contracts, enough to ensure that it is possible to drive from Lands End to London while still being in a Carlton franchise area. They are soon to merge with Granada to form what is likely to be called ITV plc.

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