If you've been watching the news in the past few days, you've surely seen the horrific tape of the young lady who was kidnapped walking past a carwash in Sarasota, Florida. That child on the tape was 11 year-old Carlie Brucia, she disappeared last sunday afternoon, the time on a security camera outside of the carwash showed she was approached at 6:20pm.

Carlie was approached by a man in a mechanics 'outfit' his shirt had a name on it which NASA was later able to enhance to see great facial detail and read the name. She was walking on a sidewalk near a carwash when approached by the suspect who at first said something to her and than grabbed her by the arm escorting her away.

More than 750 leads on the case pointed to suspect, Joseph Smith, 37, who had been arrested on tuesday for unrelated charges, drug and probation violation, he refused to talk insisting he knew nothing. Smith is no newbie to crime, he has a past criminal record of kidnappings and other incidentals - but through court system loop holes had been released to rejoin society. Smith is a father of three "beautiful girls" and Smith's neighboor Ron Thompson who was shocked to hear of his arrest commented: "He has three beautiful little girls," Thompson said. "And he just adored them. And he played with them. And he took good care of them. It's just a different picture than what we see today."

Carlie's disappearance aired on national TV for several days, authorities even released an Amber alert on the disappearance. Authorities thursday evening released than Carlie's remains where found behind a church in the Sarasota area.

Sarasota County Sheriff's Capt. Jeff Bell, "We ... assure you that he will pay the ultimate price for what he did to her."

My heart goes out to the Brucia family, and I wish them the best of luck getting justice for Carlie.

Carlie, rest in peace.

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