Cookiecutter classicism.
Back in the 1940s or so, Musselini invited Hitler over to visit, and he wanted to impress him with beautiful Classical scenery. so he had an entire fake Roman landscape built along the train route so that Hitler could see it from the windows as he rode into the city. the buildings were flimsy, little more than false fronts of arches and columns. later on, the country realized the stupidity of this venture and was rather regretting it, but it was decided that the site was far enough away from the main city of Rome that it wouldnt be too embarrassing, and so the gingerbread columns and arches were left.
dont quote me on this, i may be partially or even entirely wrong. we learned about it in art history class, and i tend to dose off at regular intervals. but this story caught my mind's eye; i think it would make a good allusion in a literary work, if i ever get around to that.

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