Believe it or not, this is the 'official' (perhaps not the official, but at least an

official) name for what would more easily be described as forearm crutches.

As opposed to axilla crutches, or under-arm crutches, where the weight load is borne at the shoulder area, Canadian Crutches are designed to have weight bearing at (you guessed it) the forearm. They are considered 'partial bearing' devices, because they are not meant to support the full weight of the user; they are therefor used primarily to give stability as opposed to leverage (like axilla crutches provide), mostly for those who will be using them for an extended period of time.

The basic structure almost cane-like. There is a central shaft, slightly bent at the top, with a rubber tip at the bottom. At the top of the shaft there is a 'cuff' that encircles the users forearm and slightly below that there is a handle/grip that protrudes directly out of the central shaft. Watch out, here comes some ASCII-fu:

     Cuff->   /\\
Hand Grip-> ==//
     Shaft->  ||

...and if that doesn't help, go watch ER; one of the head doctors, the red-head, uses one.

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