utterly useless.

Based on the various other DNA databases that have popped up in countries across the world, the Canadian DNA database was put in place to aid in the solving of violent crimes. Currently the database is restricted to DNA samples from serious violent offenders. Although the US version, CODIS, has proved useful, using this type of system in Canada is pointless, and is a big waste of taxpayers dollars. This is due to the fact that there are on average 600 murders in Canada, most of which are committed by someone close to the victim, not strangers. DNA databases really only become necessary with serial killings or other unusual cases. Plus you have to be convicted at least once already of a serious violent offense in order for your DNA to be put on the database. The fact is there are so few samples on the database that the chances of someone being convicted with it are slim-to-none. Now the Canadian government is considering entering the DNA samples of all prison inmates in Canada- just so they can use the goddamn thing that they made us pay for.

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