The third song on Boingo's eponymous album (a live version appears on Oingo Boingo's Farewell as the fifteenth song on the album and the final song on the first disc/tape). "Can't See (Useless)" is much more quiet and reserved than the rest of the songs on Boingo. There is little else in the song other than guitar at its start and, despite being so quiet overall, eventually builds to the full band and orchestra playing at the end.

The song focuses on a collapsed relationship, no longer salvagable, with the narrator just realising this. The words are somewhat stream of conscious with most of the lines starting with the word "and," being sung as one continual sentence (The only significant break in singing occurs for the bridge of the song between the lines "And you're everywhere, but it's useless" and "And I can't see now in front of my nose."), and a noteable amount of repetition as though the thoughts were being gone over and over again as they're finally registering in the narrator's mind: He's destroyed the relationship, despite what the two have in common, by not paying attention or giving enough consideration to his significant other and it's now too late to make amends.

The four minute; fourteen second song was written by Boingo's singer and rhythm guitarist Danny Elfman and produced by Elfman, lead guitarist Steve Bartek, and bassist John Avila.

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