In order to help promote their new line of Turkish Jade cigarettes, Camel has been selling limited quantities of several new flavors of cigarettes. Known as the "Flavors of the Exotic", these cigarettes have been released in 20 cigarette tins. In addition to the new Turkish Jade blends, there are seven additional flavors.

Mandarin Mint: A citrus flavored tobacco with a hint of mentol.

Dark Mint: A mellow blend of mint and a hint of chocolate.

Twist: tobacco with a splash of citrus flavor

Samsun: a delicate, fragrant leaf for a mellow, exotic smoke

Basma: the most expensive of Turkish tobaccos, for a spicy, smooth smoke with a woodsy undertone

Izmir Stinger: a sweet and tart cocktail cigarette

Crema: a hint of vanilla and a touch of exotic spices

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