I was at a hardware store (you know the one -- where the ceilings are so high there are actually *birds* living there) with a friend of mine and his six-year-old daughter. We needed some piping for some for a sink, and we needed the old style 'Galvanized' style.

We were looking for it, we couln't find it; being men, we refused to ask for directions to its location, and while we were trying to figure out where is was on our own, his daughter finds a 'sales associate' and askes him, with a pretty-as-punch sugarplum look on her face:

"Mister, where is the Calvinized Pipe?"

We fell about for about 5 minutes afterward.

On the way home, we tried to figure out exactly what 'Calvinized Pipe' would be, and we came to the mutual conclusion that it is "Plumbing that can only be saved by being electrically plated with the spirit of God."

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