A card game distributed by JayVeAnna Productions that plays 2 to 6 players with the object to collect as many cluepoints as possible. Players pick 5 cards at beginning of the game which can be used to help with their own position or can be used on other players in all sorts of mean and sadistic ways. Some of the cards:
  • Irate Caller To be played on an opponent's current caller. Immediately divides clue bonus in half. Cannot be cancelled by bullshit card.
  • Bullshit "Cumon! Sheep were made to be slaughtered!" Current call is ended and clue is collected as normal but the target caller is shuffled back into the queue instead of going into the discard pile.
  • Transfer Slam! Immediately trade callers with an opponent of your choice.
  • Look Busy! Cancels any Suit or Meeting card. Take a smoke break secure in the knowlege that you can get away with it.

This card game has not been released yet. Contact Dave at JayVeAnna for more info.

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