Call Me Princess is a six issue mini-series comic by Tomoko Taniguchi. This delicate shoujo manga is about the adventures of a girl named Makoto Takenouchi , who has a very idealistic view of romance. She wants a guy like her brother in law Shin who takes care of her sister Shoko, supports her and calls her 'Princess' in the most romantic manner. Enter an older step brother, Ryu , who seems rebellious and scary in Makoto's innocent eyes. Imagine! Not doing well in school, staying out late and hanging out with people with FACIAL HAIR!

This series has been compared to Marmalade Boy, but I don't think that is really accurate. Yes, we have love polygons with Makoto, who likes Ryu, Ryu ,who may or may not like Makoto, Makoto's friend, Yo, who is in love with Makoto, and Maki, Makoto's other friend who is in love with Yo. Yes, we have a 'weird' family situation, what with the step brother moving in and there being some friction as they try to adjust to each others' 'space'. But the telling is very different.

Taniguchi's delicate line work contributes to the dreamy mood. The heights of melodramareached in Marmalade Boy are not reached. There is not time to develop many romantic competitors or go into filler. Also, unlike many romances, the story does not end with a kiss, but a possibility. This title was released by Central Park Media's manga division , CPM Manga. There is a 179 page trade paper back of this out, collecting all 6 issues. There is an introduction to the novel by Colleen Doran, creator of A Distant Soil , and a cover gallery, collecting the gorgeous color cover art that graced the cover of each of the singles

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