A rodeo event where the cowboy saddles up (that is, mounts his horse), and lines up in a chute next to a poor unsuspecting calf. (Actually, they're probably suspecting since they're bred for rodeos and used in them frequently, at least until they're no longer calves.)

The tape barrier comes into play again, the calf must break it first. The rider has a length of rope, and generally holds the excess loop in his mouth until he needs to use it. They come running out of the chutes and the cowboy has to rope the calf by the neck, run up to it, flip it on its side, and wrap three of the four legs tightly enough that it will stay down for at least 6 seconds. If it manages to get loose, it doesn't count.

Once again I find myself pitying this poor little animal that gets picked up and slammed down, quite hard at times.

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