Ca*lash" (?), n. [F. caleche; of Slavonic origin; cf. Bohem. kolesa, Russ. koliaska calash, koleso, kolo, wheel.]


A light carriage with low wheels, having a top or hood that can be raised or lowered, seats for inside, a separate seat for the driver, and often a movable front, so that it can be used as either an open or a close carriage.

The baroness in a calash capable of holding herself, her two children, and her servants. W. Irving.


In Canada, a two-wheeled, one-seated vehicle, with a calash top, and the driver's seat elevated in front.


A hood or top of a carriage which can be thrown back at pleasure.


A hood, formerly worn by ladies, which could be drawn forward or thrown back like the top of a carriage.


© Webster 1913.

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