An urban legend, perhaps, but Steve Stills was taken off a CSN&Y tour for a few days, owing to the need for some emergency dental work. Roberta Flack, a fellow Atlantic Records recording artiste, was doing a gig at a jazz club in the vicinity; she was deputised to take Stills' place - she knew much of the material already.

CFNY played three dates of the tour. Of course, there were those who wanted their money back, but those who stayed were impressed; Flack's lack of guitar skills were compensated by the addition of her gospelly piano, and her voice blended well with the others. None of this material ended up on Four Way Street, but somewhere, in some vault, is recorded evidence of CFNY. Or so I'm told.

Edge Schmedge. Real Men *grunt* listen to the Fan 590.

Toronto's new rock and alternative radio station, at 102.1FM. Commonly known at 102.1 the Edge, or just the Edge. They organize EDGEfest every year, a huge live show that usually happens every Canada Day since 1987.

The current morning show is the Dean Blundell show, having replaced Humble and Fred a year or so back, when they moved to talk radio for guys, Mojo Radio, AM 640. Other shows of note include The Ongoing History of New Rock, Punkorama, and live to air shows on the weekends from three different local clubs.

For a year or two, after being purchased by Corus Entertainment (who also owns Mojo, and Q107, Toronto's other rock station), the station went under the moniker edge102. This pissed off quite a few of the station listener old guard, and so they eventually changed it back.

You can check out the edge website at, with its many useless features.

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