An octal sample/hold unit from Curtis ElectroMusic Specialities. Nowadays called PD 508 and manufactured by OnChip Systems.

Product Highlights:
from the original data sheet

  • 8 matched sample/holds in a single package
  • excellent linearity and accuracy
  • fast acquisition time: to 12 bits in less than 2.5µs
  • low hold step: < 2 mV
  • low droop rate: < 1 mV/ms
  • internal hold capacitors
  • supply independent TTL/CMOS compatible inputs
  • pin compatible with CD4051
  • easy to use
  • low cost

    from the original data sheet

  • multi-channel data acquisition systems
  • automatic test equipment
  • digital audio systems
  • robotics & industrial control
  • instrumentation
  • event analysis
  • software trimming and calibration
  • multiple waveform generation
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