A µP controllable dual waveform converter/processor from Curtis ElectroMusic Specialities.

from the original data sheet

  • complete sound synthesis system on a chip: two multi-waveform converters, a 4-pole VCF, a VC mixer and four VCAs
  • 0 to +5V high Z control inputs for direct interface to CMOS multiplexer from system DAC
  • few external components
  • numerous waveforms and combinations for more timbral variety
  • independent and continuously variable waveshape and pulse width for each converter
  • filter FM
  • constant output vs. resonance VCF characteristic
  • open loop VCF design for rich sound
  • low noise, low IM distortion VCAs
  • choice of linear or audio taper VCA control scales
  • low VCA feedthrough without trimming

    Synthesizers using the chip:
    with the amount used

    Cheetah MS6              6
    Oberheim Matrix-6 & 6R   6
    Oberheim Matrix-1000     6
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