The Game

Byte Bitten was a game for the ZX Spectrum, written by Tony Barber, and released by Firebird in 1984. It was perhaps the first time the game-in-a-game concept appeared.

Main Game

The main game consists of performing errands around the house. This involves guessing a clue (for example, "Whaa! Whaa! Baby's Hungry"), finding an appropriate object (The baby bottle) and returning it to the start room.

Of course, there are baddies to be avoided, who can walk through walls, although their intelligence is not high. Contact with a baddie will lose one of your four lives and remove the baddie, but your progress is not hindered.

In presentation, the house is a simple maze. Each room has a few internal walls, with one screen per room, and exits off the edges of the screen which lead to the next room. The map of the house doesn't change, but the location of objects can.

You are timed on each of your tasks, but there is a directional hint indicator which occasionally flashes to aid you.

Sea King

On completion of your errand, you are then allowed to 'Play on your computer'.

The computer game is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up. You control a Sea King helicopter, and the aim is to shoot down enemy helicopters. You have a simple radar at the top of the screen to aid you.

If you take-off immediately, you're in for a shock - you have no fuel. You must refuel at the start, and during play by standing on the aircraft carrier.

When the Sea King game is over, you are returned to the main game.


The following POKEs can be entered on the Spectrum version:
  • Infinite lives: 53429,0
  • Lives = x: 43358,x (where x=1-255)
  • Infinite time: 52790,0

A rather repetitious game, the first source quoted below has, at the time of writing, a java version available for play in your browser.


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