Chinese movie from year 2000, directed by He Jianjun.

The film starts with a woman, former photo model Meng Xing (Jiang Wei), hitting a cyclist in the empty street of Beijing at night. After the inital shock she decides to leave the scene without waiting for the police. What she isn't aware of is that there is a witness, who brings the victim to hospital and then disappears. His name is Kang Ping (Ge You) and he is a computer sales man and amateur photographer. He has been hired by a man to spy on Meng Xing.

She doesn't know that she is being followed, and he doesn't know that the man who hired him is her husband. The rest of the film is a slow way of Kang Ping making Meng Xing own up and report herself to the police.

Normally I do like Chinese movies, but this one was too slow and drawn out for me. In spite of being only 90 minutes long, watching it felt like an eternity. The saving graces was that I saw it at a film festival, and that you have to see some bad movies to really appreciate the others. This is a pity, since the photography is beautiful.

The moral could be:

Proficient English
And good computer knowledge
Will help you succeed.

Seen at Rotterdam International Film Festival

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