Programmed in PHP/Perl , BuromiSan is a bot found on By entering an AIM screenname, BuromiSan is dispatched and proceeds to insult the user if he/she is online. The insults are unique and generated on-the-fly by the bot. Unfortunately, the insults are somewhat silly and it is quite easy for anyone knowledgeable to figure out that this is a bot (especially if you check the user info). But at the same time, it is hard to believe how many people I know fell for this and started insulting or warning the bot back.

BuromiSan's screennames take the form BuromiXXSan, where the XX is some two-digit number. Therefore, if you block or give a high enough warning level to one of the bots, another will start messaging you instead. A transcript of the chat conversation is stored on the website. It is interesting to see how easily some people are fooled. I personally consider things like thse social experiments, but if your friends take offense more easily than mine, maybe you should tell them what's coming their way before you unleash this on them.

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