Bunny & Matty are, in this Sanrio otaku's opinion, a really cool pair of characters from the legendary Sanrio stable.

They were first introduced in the year 1975, and are amongst the earliest characters to exhibit the super-kawaii drawing style of the later, more successful characters (such as Keroppi, for example). They are also comparatively rare in the sunny family of Sanrio characters in that they each have a mouth (unlike the megastar Hello Kitty, for example).

Bunny is the larger of the two, and is a female bunny. She is able to fly an airplane and dreams of flying to Africa one day.

Matty is the smaller of the pair, and is a blue mouse. Matty is Bunny's boyfriend, which is extremely rare for a Sanrio character. Every other character that this nodist can think of is just good friends. Overt boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are ordinarily verbotten by the company, in an attempt to maintain innocence, and, I would suggest, to allow the young consumers of the company's products to work it all out by themselves (a very respectful Sanrio sentiment). Matty is very mischievious and often gets the pair into lots of trouble.

Birthdays unknown.

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