The word Btselem, spelled "Be'tzelem" means "in the image of" in Hebrew, as to signify we were all created in the image of God

Btselem is an Israeli ultra-leftwing movement advocating intellectual resistance through documentation of the breach of human rights in the occupied territories

Since its creation in 1989 by a group of retired cosmopolitical hippies and assorted political figures of the past it has been a pain in the arse for governments (right and left) acting as a moral seismograph by bashing public and military officials in thier reports, showing the darker side of the occupation the local media usually doesnt dig deep enough into.

Although officially the goal of the organization is to document and publish accounts of human rights violations in the occupied territories it has acted more like an outpost of European interests throughout the years.

Update 16/06/03
gn0sis notes the last paragraph makes Btselem sound like "Nazi agents", the intention was to note Btselem acts more on the moral grounds of europe rather than those common inside Israel.

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