A title for Microsoft Xbox. Also, another fine point and example I use when I say that the XBox sucks. At first, It seems that Bruce Lee fans can rejoice, for the power of his mighty sidekick can now be simulated and controlled by you. It might even take as much energy to kick as it does to pull the right trigger on that Xbox controller. Aside from that, I am sorry to report the poor quality and the quite frank disrespect to Bruce Lee's name represented in this game. Thank goodness that it has only been released for Xbox, otherwise I'd have to shoot myself.

Anyways, back to the game. It is a 1 player action published by Universal Interactive and released July 2, 2002 (ESRB rating: T). You travel around as Bruce Lee, learning new techniques and moves as you collect money from fallen enemies. The graphics are decent (in comparison to my N64), but considering the power of the Xbox, much more could have been done with the textures. Oh, not to mention the random (and frequent) animation problems (the speed is not nearly as good or fast as it should be), lag, freezing, and camera problems. The control scheme is horrid (added bonus of Xbox clunky controller), the gameplay is weak and boring, the sound effects are lame, the computer AI is just plain stupid, and the dialogue makes me want to scratch my eardrums straight out of my head.

I was recently informed that in the production of this game, one of Bruce Lee's last students was used with motion capture technology in order to record the hundreds of moves. However, the estate of Bruce Lee threatened the game's publisher, and they might as well should have. The game's scenery is horrid, and degrading to Bruce Lee's name.

The Verdict: No. No, just stay away, to spare you button mashers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome within five minutes from starting. As for you gamers out there like myself who enjoy watching Kung-Fu, spare yourself from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome/Committing suicide within eighteen minutes of playing the game (I was close, I went for about sixteen and a half). As for you hardcore Bruce Lee fans who want this game because of his name, I beg of you to try and cleanze your mind of its existence; your Bruce Lee collection and your soul will be much better off.

Or you can take this suggestion from my favorite magazine:

"... I am insulted that this game ever saw the light of day. ... In fact, I hate this clear exploitation of Bruce Lee's name so much that I am considering going out to buy this game just to bust it into a hundred little pieces." - Chet, Game Informer, Issue 113

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